CAME VER13B-KIT Complete VERPLUS13 Garage Door Motor Kit with Belt Guide


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Available on backorder

  • Ready-to-use automated solutions.
  • 24 V DC systems to ensure greater safety and reliability.
  • VER13 Operates at 1300N pulling a garage door of up to 21m²
  • Silent and reliable, belt or chain drive tracks, plus external pull-cord release to fit onto the door’s lock and handle system.
  • The operator is fastened directly onto the drive guide.
  • A vast range of control and safety accessories to complete the operator.
  • Systems tested in compliance with current regulatory standards.
  • Rolling Code radio decoding, can save up to 250 different users.
  • Automatically calibrates forces.
  • External display buttons for easier start-ups and diagnoses.

The VER garage door operator from CAME uses a simple and sleek design to house a range of featurees found in the premium range of VER Plus Operators, but with a more cost effective price.

Reliable and safe operation, at an affordable price makes the VER standard a very attractive solution for residential garage doors.

The VER13B-KIT comes with:

  • VER13DMS – Automated operator featuring a control panel with encoder for sectional and overhead garage doors
  • Belt guide L = 3.02 m in two pieces, for doors with max. surface of 15 m². *Max. door height:BC = 2.4 m BM = 2.25 m STA = 2.1 m STB = 2.2 m.
  • TOPD4RKS – Double frequency 4-button rolling code transmitter, black colour.
  • Plug-in radio-frequency control card
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