Ener-J ACC1003 Set Of 2 Batteries for SHA5284


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Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3.7V 3400mAH 18650. 2pcs

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Available on backorder

High capacity and discharge current, low internal resistance, no memory effect, ready for loading and unloading.

Stable performance, continous charge and discharge for 500 times, battery capacity is not less than 85% of rated capacity

Uses original program, intelligent protection circuit deisgn, 15kg explosion-proof battery. Internal pressure valve automatically opens to prevent explosion

PTC Internal safety switch automatically disconnects when short circuit and other damage happens

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Product Code ACC1003
Item Type Lithium Battery
Charge and discharge current 0.2C
Appearance No scratches, deformation, stains, leakage of tension fluid
Battery capacity 3400mAh
Battery voltage 3.7V
Charging voltage 3.2V
Weight 48.5g
Operating temperature 0~45
Internal resistance Less tan 20
Voltage discharge 2.5V