Ener-J WS1013 1 Gang Wireless Kinetic Wall Switch


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No battery, no wiring and no WiFi required. Ener-J’s new kinetic energy technology produces electricity by itself. The switch can be installed anywhere without additional wiring. Save on material costs and engineer labour fees.

The encrypted wireless signal can go through walls without any interference problems, with unique communication codes between the switch and receiver means you won’t ever lose connection. With an indoor range of up to 30m and outdoor of 160m, this switch really can be used anywhere.

With a sleek and slender design it’s sure to fit seamlessly into any decor. Being self-powered it can be used on any light; halogen, incandescent, CFL, fluorescent tubes, LED and much more. The receiver being small in size, it can fit into limited space, such as an electrical junction box, lights canpoy and much more.

Safe and easy to install. No power is needed, no complex facility, no complicated setup, only two easy steps for installation and pairing! Anyone can do it with some basic wiring experience.

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Product Code IPC1013
Power Supply Micro energy acquisition and self-generating power
Operating Frequency 433MHz
Control Distance 160m (Outdoors), 30m (Indoors)
Control Method Pairing with wireless receiver
Waterproof IP56 for Switches
Number of Gangs 1
Usage on/off times 200,000
Dimensions L85mm x W85mm x H15mm
Weight 86g